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fiction I come from a long line of fiction and non-fiction writers, so it probably came as little surprise, to my family at least, when I decided to write as well. But the truth is my first published work was an illustration. The picture was called “Mother Giraffe and Children,” and it appeared in the local newspaper when I was five years-old. I was paid two dollars, took my family out for ice cream on my earnings, and never returned to art again. Refining page after page of tall quadripeds, even if they were tall, stick quadripeds, was simply too labor intensive for my taste. So I turned to something easy: writing.

I’ve learned some things since I was five. One is that I still have a fondness for giraffes, even though I don’t want to draw them, and another thing I’ve learned is writing is far from easy. This latter bit of knowledge came after years of writing stories I thought would stop any and all presses, followed almost immediately by the painful realization that no print machinery ever turned silent on my behalf. Eventually I modified my expectations and worked toward learning how to write; writing what I felt compelled to write at that time; and occasionally publishing something.

Like many people, I started writing short stories then mustered up my will and perseverance to try novels. Along the way I was fortunate to write a few articles, gift books, and to work as an editor of anthologies as well.

Here, then, is a listing of some of these works:

Recognition of my work

  • Recommendations for the Horror Writer’s of America’s Stoker awards.
  • Recommendations for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Nebula awards.
  • Honorable Mention recognitions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.
  • Recipient, 2003 Georgia Fandom Award