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Stage Plays

plays I never planned to write stage plays. I figured if anything I was destined to be on the stage as a result of my acting debut as a streetwalker in a junior high drama class. Of course I had no clue what a streetwalker was, but being a shy, young teen I figured I couldn’t go wrong by playing it big. Playing big worked in my junior high drama class as indicated by the smattering of applause by other teens who had no idea what streetwalkers were, but that acting approach never works anywhere else. At least it doesn’t work well. I’ve done a little more acting since then–never as a streetwalker, I should add–but it was writing for the stage that kept my interest.

I started writing stage plays just a few years ago. An idea came to me that couldn’t possibly be done right as a short story or as a novel. So with the encouragement of people in theatre, I wrote my first play. Then I rewrote it. And rewrote it again. And revised. And revised some more. Stage plays are like that. Watching actors first read, then if you’re lucky perform your work, while guided by a director’s interpretation is a fascinating and thrilling collaborative process. But collaborations mean plenty of rewrites. As I said, stage plays are like that.

Here’s a listing of my work for children and adults: