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“The Trog Ate My Homework”


Scheduled production, TBA.


Gus has a big homework assignment to do, but he has a bigger imagination. So he starts working. Much to his surprise everything he writes about suddenly comes true. Including a trip into space with a space walk, meteor showers, Trog, a good-natured, gangly creature with bad manners, and Agnes, a clumsy, dancing princess who turns into a daring spacegirl. eventually he arrives back to the safety of his own bedroom, and discovers that homework, especially with the help of imagination, is not only okay, it’s actually fun.

3 adult actors: 1 woman, 2 men, and off-stage voices.

“The Magic Book”
Currently Touring with Young Audiences of Atlanta, Fall, 2000-Present.
Produced July, 2000. Remounted production June, 2001.
ART Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

“The Dark Under The Bed”
Produced July, 1998.
Art Station, Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Portia is afraid of just about everything–what might be under her bed, what’s outside in the world. When her cat, Sebastian, is suddenly pulled under the bed, she tries to save him and is pulled under, too, only to find herself in China–the other side of the world. Sebastian whisks her away on an imaginary journey where together they continue their explorations of the world to include Egypt, Germany, Scotland and India. And somewhere along the way, Portia not only discovers the connection of all people, but also the brave and adventurous spirit within herself. When she returns home she can hardly wait to set out again–this time to explore the real world outside her bedroom walls.

2 adult actors: 1 man, 1 woman